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Our first road trip for God

Posted by New Creatures on September 7, 2014 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)
This weekend was a beautiful story of unbelievable faith due to unending Love and unshakable majesty, and the effect it had on our trip to ignite festival in Pennsylvania.
God planted the seed of direction a month ago, for us to take this opportunity to get to know some musical brothers in Christ, who are as deep and passionate as we are about the Lord and His Truth.
well, of course the devil comes to steal and destroy, and attacked us hard the day that we were supposed to get on the road, and we almost ended up not going. we knew it was the devil the whole time. it ALWAYS happens before a beautiful blessing. we kept going in our selfish ways, but i had the faith to just cry out to Jesus and tell Him that we cant do what we should right now, cause were so weak, too prideful, and too pitiful, but we need His help. of course, as always, because of faith, He did come, and He pulled us out of our rut, and we realized our silliness and said our apologies and began to get ready and get on the road.

it definitely didnt stop there. it is written in matthew 19:26, that what when things are impossible with men, they are possible with God. it is written that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (philippians 4:13) and it is written that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, and doubt not, than we can tell a tree to never make fruit again, and the tree wither right away, never to yield fruit again, but not just that, but even more, like saying to a mountain to be removed from your place and jump into the sea, and it will.(matthew 21:21)
a constant, important theme in the bible after the Love of God, is the unwavering faith of a human. with faith, because of the Love of our all powerful, majestic Lord God, we can do ALL THINGS through Him who strengthens us. Gods word is not stuck in a one way box. so there is always litteral, figurative, metaphorical and etc ways to even just one part of His Word.
im going to tell you some things that happened in this weekend, and you can choose to believe, and if you do, may your faith be strengthened seven fold. if you dont, then you may think that im a freak and that ive officially lost it, but let me tell you, i am completely at peace with that, for i know that it was God, and i know that it was because of my undoubting faith, and i know that with this Loving, majestic Lord, is the only place i want to be, and i want to do all things for HIM!
so, we were driving along, and it started to storm. i thought about the book of matthew that i just got done reading before the storm, and about how anything is possible with faith, and about how peter went to walk on water, but then looked at the waves- the world, telling him that what he is doing is impossible- and he fell through. he took his eyes off of Jesus, and doubt and fear settled in, and he no longer did the impossible. i also thought about the words of Jesus to His disciples about doing all things because of unyielding faith through God, and i was watching the lightning and hearing the music, and thought... "what if... what if God put on a light show for me to go with this beautiful worship....?" so, i wondered if i should try the whole 'moving mountains' faith thing out. in my mind, i told the lightning to beat to the music, and accompany this beautiful worship to our God on high.
it did.

i started laughing of joy and amazement!! i told chris what i did and he laughed it off and told me i was silly. i kept going and he told me to stop, but i rebuked it and quoted Gods word and remembered that no matter what anyone else thinks, i know it was God showing me His Majesty.
i told the lightning to keep going, and asked God to open chris' eyes, and make it obvious that it was Him. chris didnt say anything else, but did observe the lightning beating with the music the majority of the time, and said it was probably just a coincidence and i again said it was God.
the lightning left and the sky turned a beautiful, beautiful array of purple colors. it was otherworldly.
it was God. it was Beautiful and Majestic, and Wonderful, and left me awestruck about our Lord.

yes, you can reason within yourselves, like the heathen do, and say that it is all just coincidence that a person, with complete faith, can say to a mountain jump, and it jumps, or you can believe it was God, for if some of the bible can be left to that kind of reasoning, then all can, and its just a coincidence that anything happens when you pray with faith for it. but my dear brothers and sisters, do you not know that God works with science, with coincidences, with our natural order?

after that, the storm came back and came on hard. (forgive me if i made a mistake, this part of the story could have come before the purple sky) well, the storm was so hard that we could not see the road at all, the only thing we could see is the one car ahead of us, guiding the way with its bright red lights. (i joked around and said it was a guardian angel because i got done reading hebrews 13:2 a few days before) but all we know is without that one car besides us on that road being ahead of us, we would not have been able to drive safely on that road. we decided to take the next exit we found and waited the storm out. chris wanted to find a hotel, but i felt that God had something else to show us with faith, so i asked God in my mind to let His will be done, if He does want us to stop to sleep, give us a hotel, if not, let us have the faith to move forward. there was no hotel, so we waited a few minutes. then i ask chris "so.. wanna pray?" we do, and i ask the rain to stop. it went from pouring to a drizzle, immediately. i thanked God for His promises, and we waited a minute while chris finished his text... and then it started pouring again. great. well, i ask... "wanna pray.. again?" we do, and i again, ask the rain to slow, so that we can drive safely, and once again.. it immediately slows to a drizzle. we laughed in amazement again and went on our way. we ended up stopping about an hour from the festival to get a hotel cause the rain picked up a bit and we were getting tired.

the next day, we got up early, and headed to dennys for breakfast. i felt God telling me to ask chris to tip the waiter 20 dollars, to bless her, so i asked and chris agreed to 10, and the Lady very much appreciated the blessing, and we felt good, being used by God to bless others. im exited to see what God did with that small act of kindness later when all is revealed.

we continued on our way to the festival, and when we got there, we just walked around a bit, killed time, etc. two men came up to us and we chatted a bit and prayed ect.. we were waiting for the band My Epic to come up so we can listen to some true,deep worship, and bask in the wonderful presence of God through our fellowship and praise. well, during the wait, there was a sweet girl that opened the day with a poppy worship thing, but we felt a bit burdened because she talked about the bad days and used a bad hair day, or a bad relationship as an example, and yes, its a normal thing, its not bad that she said that, but we still felt burdened cause were here, in the beautiful hills of Philadelphia, in America, and singing to God about how its hard to think about Him in all areas of our life because of school, work, relationships and bad hair, when people right now, as your reading this, are being killed, tortured, beheaded- because of the faith in God that they arent allowed to have in their country. we have that freedom, right now, yet- we take it for granted.
?i went to the prayer tent and talked to this lovely elder lady, and told her how i was grieved in the soul for the blasphemy happening in the pop christian society. if someone came in, not knowing that this was a christian festival, they would have no clue that most of the people in that place love the Lord.were here, celebrating, when this is a season of sorrow, and heaviness, for the days are evil, and people are dying for God, they are turning to other Gods, they are suffering and dying from curable diseases, they are living in ruins, in slums, trash, on the streets, running from bombs, from guns, from swords. but were here partying, for we dont have a care in the world.
dont get me wrong though, there is immense joy in the Lord. praise God, yes, praise our Lord! all blessings flow through Him, and Him alone!! there is extreme joy abounding in the Lord, extreme blessings for all who love Him, but beloved, read the bible, search the internet for "joy in the bible" and you will find that Godly joy never had to do with the world and its ways, but solely with the taking away thereof. have joy, be exceedingly happy in the Lord. how you do that is not dancing seductively at club songs, with little to no mention of God or His Love in it, its not "doing it like burney" to dub step, cause the singer told you to celebrate God. that happiness is only short lived- it has no substance. true, substantial Joy is found in praising and glorifying our Lord Gods name. its found in true worship, like psalms(singing accompanied by instruments), hymns (singing without music), and dancing ( in a way that would not lead others to temptation or sin, and would focus on worshiping God rather than drawing attention to self to be a beautiful art form that can communicate truth, bringing glory to God and edifying others.)if you want to research worship further, psalms, romans, hebrews, and revelation have plenty of this kind of worship mentioned.
my words are said with the most sympathy, compassion and love that i can give while still rebuking the evil taking place within the pop christian people. dont get me wrong, i know were all sinners, Jesus alone never did sin, and He alone is our ticket to heaven once we put our faith in His death in our sins, and Resurrection for our everlasting life, but we are called to take up our cross, and follow Him, rebuke the world, and die to our self, to flee from all evil so that the evil may bother us no longer, to spread His Love throughout all the world. so why then, are we doing the opposite, or doing this very poorly?
remember, that in none of this am i saying that anyone will go to hell because of their secularism. we all have the authority, given to us from God, to call out evil, to rebuke it and teach otherwise, by the word of God, and do so with a loving, graceful heart. if i ever come off otherwise, im sorry you feel that way, cause i truly do not have any bitterness, whatsoever that i can find within myself. i am purely just thoroughly grieved in my soul for the spreading of anything other than the truth, especially within the christian nation when we should know the truth, for we claim to know Jesus, who is truth. also, Jesus is the only one who can help us. never should you try with your own strength and devotion and works to satisfy our God, for Jesus alone can help us. He will hear your prayers, and change your desires to mold you to be like Him. that is why our most important commandment from Jesus is to love God with all our heart mind and strength, for all then all the rest shall follow. so long as people are seeking Jesus as best that they can, then i am content, for God will let His will be done in them, for were all in different places in our walk with God.
after my talk with the lady in the prayer tent, my epic comes on, so i get exited for depth in worship for the Lord(and of course once they start playing, caleb goes right to sleep). well during this, i started to feel heavy again, because i didnt feel the worship and praise as much as i thought i would. i saw people worshiping more the band and music, rather than the one who was working through the band and their music with their lyrics. i could definitely be wrong, and i truly hope i am, and my epic is very good at their attempts to make sure that it is all about God, not them, so i hold them in esteem them for that, and their deep love for God.
i was feeling negative about it all and burdened, and i asked God in the midst of it, for direction, and He told me to not worry about it, and to just stand there and worship Him, for He has heard my prayers for true fellowship, and i will get it when we talk to the guys in my epic later. so i did as He directed, out of faith, even though my spirits were low, and i was feeling like even the guys in my epic wont be as true about God as we thought they were, and the feeling left my mind once i made it all about God, nothing else.
near the end, they had a few minutes left, and they could have done another song, but aaron rightfully decided that the way more important thing was to talk to us about what God had put on his heart the other day. God was faithful to follow through, and show me that the people of my epic were who they seemed to be in Him. i was still grieved, though, for my epic had made it clear that all the good in them is God, and that we are to come here to worship God, not the music, and aaron just got done with a deep message about the love of Jesus instead of choosing to go on with just another song, but then, while we were in line, everything became topical again, everything was just as it had been. everyone was cheery and topical, but chris still had watery eyes from the message that Aaron of my epic brought, and we still sat in the heavy silence of each other within the crowd of people waiting to talk to my epic and get pictures with the bands, and buy different band merchandise. which is fine, im not saying it isnt, that people do those things, but im saying that there is deeper things, and bigger things at hand, and were all on different levels and do different things with our life. its just sad, so if anyone feels offended by any of this paragraph, try to think of it first, cause it truly is sad. have sympathy for me, cause i am deeply moved by these things, and i never mean to say anything to offend or condemn anyone.
it came time for us to talk to the members of my epic, as they asked on stage, for they truly want to know people as brothers and sisters in Christ, not just another fan of their music, and Chris Savage asked aaron what he thought the line was between judging and calling people out, and he answered very well, of course, as they always do when we confront them with personal, difficult questions, and said that its all about the heart, and to do all in love and compassion, not bitterness, or resentment. to follow the holy spirit, for where God led Him, Jesus turned every table over and rebuked the evil, and where God led Him, Jesus taught with love, in parables, about truth, to rebuke the evil.
after a little while, caleb woke up, and jeramiah came to hold him, and later so did aaron (oh, caleb, always gettin lovin. my epic wanted a picture with the savage rather than the other way around! :P) well, point being, God promised me that me and chris would get the fellowship that we needed, and we did, and it was amazing to make new brothers in Christ, and i hope to someday meet their wifes (or soon to be) if God may permit and make friends and sisters with them in Christ, if not, i will know them in heaven, and im exited for the great and wonderful fellowship to come, and to see Gods great plans unravel.
this is all about God, and how He is faithful. He told me about the big things that were going to happen, and they all and more, came to pass. it is also written to show you what faith can do for a normal sinner, like me, and to inspire you to follow Christ in faith and to constantly seek His Truth. amen.